How much do you charge?
There are several factors that determine the price here in Maine. Saturdays during the busy wedding months of May through October are highly sought-after dates. The number of hours you need, the location, and the amount of equipment requested may also affect the price. Discounted prices are available on Fridays and Sundays. Discounted DJ prices are also available on Saturdays during the months of January, February, March and November.


Call for a free, no obligation quote anytime at 1-207-240-3012 or email your request for a price from our website. We also now have a very talented and experienced Wedding DJ by the name of Dan Giroux available through Dionne Entertainment as well as Larry Moore and Dan DiBiase. We also feature Rob Riccitelli and Dan Leclair, Mike Violette, Jeff Rcokwell, Paul Leclair, Larry Thibodeau, Chris Bouchard, John Marble, Brian Poulin, Jamie Freeman and Marcel Leclair.

Are we available for Gay and Lesbian Weddings?
Yes we are!!!!!!

How do the DJ's dress?
Dave, Joe and James Dionne (and the rest of our DJs) come dressed appropriately for every occasion. If your engagement is a formal affair our Maine DJs wear a tuxedo or suit and tie, your preference. We can dress down from that for the more casual events like dances, parties, etc.

Do you provide a Master of Ceremonies for our event?
Combining the right blend of personality and audience involvement is what we do. This is done while keeping ourselves out of the spotlight. As MC, the level of professionalism in this very important area is evident with Dave, Joe and James.

Do you play continuous music? Do you take breaks?
Yes, we play continuous non-stop music. We do not take breaks!

What kind of music do you have?
We have any popular and danceable song from the last 80+ years. Big band, rock, pop, club, oldies, disco, country, alternative, rap, etc. Background music for social hour, cocktails, and dinnertime includes a multitude of different styles and tastes like; piano, guitar, saxophone, light jazz, new age and classical.

Can we come see you play at a wedding?
No, you cannot. Beware of the Maine DJ that invites you to someone else's wedding reception.

How soon should we reserve a DJ?
When it comes to Maine DJ's, photograpers or banquet facilities, the best always go first, so it's a good idea to reserve your DJ about a year in advance. Click here to check our availability and to get a quote. This gives us the information we'll need to quote you an accurate price.

What if you become sick or have an accident on the day of my wedding, do you have a back-up?
Yes, we do. We have access to experienced back-up DJ's through the Maine Disc Jockey Network or the National Association Of Mobile Entertainers. We guarantee that you'll have music at your wedding reception.

What is the process for reserving your services, do we meet first?
We're always pleased to meet with every client. If you feel comfortable with what you see on this website, hear from our references and learn in our discussion over the phone, see on our demo video and are satisfied that we will perform as advertised, then let's book it! Some people still want to see us in person. If that's the case, we'll schedule time to sit down together to discuss it further. Once you've made the decision to book us, we'll send out a written contract. A retainer will be required to secure a date. We're based right here in Maine so meetings typically occur in Portland, Maine.

What time do you arrive prior to a wedding reception?
We always arrive 90 minutes to 2 hours prior to the reception to set-up our equipment.

Why do some DJs charge less?
Many Maine DJs don't charge as much because they don't provide the skilled type of service that we do. We have the experience and talent. Many of the cheaper DJs are beginners and most are part-time DJs. They may actually be practicing their skills at your event. With Dionne Entertainment you get a mature, personable, professional DJ/MC, a huge selection of music, and our high end sound equipment!! The success of your party depends very much on the skill of your DJ.

Are you members of any professional organizations?
Yes, we are members of the prestigious National Association of Mobile Entertainers.  

The National Association of Mobile Entertainers is comprised of over 3,000 professionals nationwide. Dave, Joe & James Dionne have both met or exceeded the strict standards of this organization.

What sets you apart from DJs who just moonlight in this business? 
Modern Bride Magazine has ranked Dave & Joe Dionne DJs as one of the top 150 Wedding DJs/Bands in the U.S. for two years in a row!! We are the only DJs in Maine or New Hampshire to get this National recognition.  We've also been awarded The "Bride's Choice" award in 2016, 2014 and 2013 by Weddingwire and we've gotten the Knot's "Best Of" weddings for 2012..

How far will you travel?
Since we're mobile DJ's, we'll come to you no matter where your function is. We have served clients from St. Agatha, Maine to Cape Cod, Mass. We cover northern New England, Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts. Our Destination Wedding services are also available worldwide (www.destinationweddingdjs.com).

Do we need to supply anything special for you?
A power outlet within a reasonable distance is all we need and a banquet table. If your event is outside, we would need some sort of overhead cover. (tent, porch, garage, gazebo, etc.).

Can you provide music for my wedding ceremony?
Yes! We provide the processionals, recessionals and even music during the ceremony if you need it. If needed, a wireless microphone may be placed where required so that all in attendance may hear what's happening. A second sound system may be provided if necessary.  We also bring our own electricty for those remote locations.

Who selects the music at my event and do you take requests?
It's a combination between you and your Maine DJ. To help get you organized, we supply you with an online music list on which you may select your favorites. Feel free to write in any songs not listed, since we do not list every song in our library. At your event the DJ will take requests, read the audience and get a feel for what the guests will want to dance to. If there are certain 'no play' songs on your list that guests want to hear, we'll ask that they make another selection. We'll do our best to keep everyone happy.

Can I bring my own CD's or Ipod to play?
Yes, please do! If you have songs that aren't listed on our music list and you're pretty sure that the crowd would respond favorably to hearing them, we welcome playing your flash drives or IPod music.

What kind of sound systems/equipment do you use?
Our sound systems are all professional grade. It's all new, reliable and maintained gear. Names like Pioneer, Shure, JBL, Sony, Peavey, BOSE, Yamaha and more. It not only sounds great, but we purposely keep it low profile.

Can you supply a light show for the dance floor?
Yes, we can! We can supply your event with dance floor lights. Our dance lights liven up night time functions with lots of colors! We offer a large show which we usually recommend for school dances and a smaller set-up which we suggest for private functions like wedding receptions.

Does the contracted time include equipment set up & travel?
Equipment set-up & tear down, preparation time, consultations-either in person or on the phone, the actual performance time, etc. are all included in our agreed price.

Can we purchase additional time at the end of the event?
Yes. The best way to insure that we cover the time you need is to calculate the amount of time you need. A typical wedding reception needs at least 5 hours. This allows enough time for a social hour, dinner, formalities and dancing. If your group is over 150 or you are including the wedding ceremony in our time calculation, you may want to plan on 6 or more hours.

Do you speak any other languages besides English?
Yes. Dionne Entertainment is a bi-lingual company, we also speak French.

Should I have any special seating arrangement?
Keep the elderly guests and those with sensitivity to music (or just the sight of the DJ speakers) away from the speaker set-ups when planning the seating arrangement. Be sure to remind your venue manager or wedding planner about this important table/guest placement.

What's your mission statement?
Want a customized music playlist, special introductions, a unique garter & bouquet toss, need us for the wedding ceremony? Our philosophy is simple: "Tell us where you want to go and we'll get you there"!!!

Are the pictures on your website from actual weddings you've done?
All the wedding pictures on this website are from actual wedding receptions we've done. The pictures of Dave, Joe and James, the Maine DJ equipment and everything else are all genuine.

Do you have uplights?

Yes we do. There is an extra charge for uplights.

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